Team Volunteers

Parent Volunteer Signup Sheet

Team Volunteers

EtownMTB would not exist without our awesome volunteers!!

As we continue to grow the need to help will also grow to support our team.

Please review the volunteer positions and their descriptions. Please consider donating your time and talents to one of these positions.



Club funds are collected and allocated by the School District via Sean Houseknecht, our faculty representative. The Etown MTB Club Treasurer’s responsibilities include:

  • Collecting receipts from individuals needing reimbursement for a purchase they have made on behalf of the club.
  • Creating and submitting a Request for Reimbursement Form to Sean Houseknecht at Elizabethtown Middle School.
  • Collecting cut checks from the Middle School office and delivering them to the individual needing reimbursement.
  • Providing vendor invoices to Sean Houseknecht and request a check for payment.

Social Media Manager

A Facebook account and Instagram account already exist for the Etown MTB Club but need extra attention and management. The Social Media Manager will be responsible for the following:

  • Developing creative and relevant photos, quotes, updates and events to post on the MTB Club accounts.
  • Ensuring team members are represented with positive intentions,with equality and with respect.
  • Determining when and where to use FB Live to stream practices, races, or any events involving the club.
  • Posting information, photos etc at the request of the Coach.

Carpool Coordinator

Often times the team will travel for an afternoon ride to the likes of Mount Gretna, Swatara State Park, and Marysville. Some parents are not able to transport their child to every ride. On the other hand, some parents who are able to transport their own child might have room to spare in their vehicles. The carpool coordinator will arrange the following:

  • Develop a method of matching students who are in need of a ride to parents who are willing to give a ride.
  • Notify all participating parties of the arrangement (what car each child is riding in)
  • Verify that bikes and bike rack space are assigned


The club photographer will take pictures during practices, events, and races. His or her responsibilities are as follows:

  • Photograph team members while riding, mingling, cheering and supporting each other during practices, events and races.
  • Share the photos in a centralized location for team, family and friends to view.
  • Previewing and choosing photos that represent individuals in a positive respect.
  • Editing and “flagging” photos that are especially good so we might use them in future website, social media or PR opportunities

Booster Club Leader

When participating in Etown MTB Club, team members (and their families) are faced with club fees, race registrations, equipment needs, and miscellaneous expenses. The Booster Club Leader(s) would form a committee to perform the following:

  • Execute successful fundraisers that are manageable for team members and their families.
  • Generate ideas to enhance team and community spirit and relationships.
  • Develop ways to offset expenses for individuals and their families.
  • Direct and assist parents/spectators on race day (we will provide more information to you when the time comes)

Sponsorship Leader

This leader would organize Community outreach for donations to the club. A prospect list of local businesses/companies has been established but is open for editing. The following are the responsibilities of the leader:

  • Communication to club parents and affiliates expressing the need for 2017 support- provide team contacts with sponsorship packet and an understanding of sponsorship “incentives”
  • Establish team contact person(s) to approach said business(es) with sponsorship packet
  • Follow up with team contact on status of prospect
  • Collect and submit donations to Club Treasurer as needed.
  • Letter of gratitude to the businesses sponsoring our program
  • Provide status updates to sponsors over the course of the fall race season

Snack/Meal Coordinator

Weekend rides are always more fun when there are snacks and drinks at the finish! Race days are more intense and require more nourishment for racers, but it is always appreciated by ALL! This volunteer will:

  • Create a list of healthy suggestions for snacks, so parents have an idea of what is expected
  • Establish a snack and drink for each off-site ride, and a designated person to transport the snack to the site.
  • Race day food should be pre-planned at least a week in advance with healthy options from all food groups, multiple drink options, and recovery foods.
  • Request parents and/or sponsors to supply Race Day foods (we have used sign up genius in the past, but this year our TeamSnap may have these capabilities).

Travel Manager

A few of our races are quite a distance and might require overnights for some families. We are hoping to have better forethought and planning this year in order to provide economical options to racers and their families. The travel manager will:

  • Connect with area hotels well in advance (of the races) to propose blocking rooms for our team at special group rates.
  • Communicate with parents as to what hotels and accommodations are available to them for each race- communicate special discounts and deadlines for families to book rooms
  • Research and provide healthy food options near the race site
  • Potential for catered dinner rather than restaurant food on the night prior to race? (will provide explanation for this one)

Race Day Coordinator

Race Day comes with a plethora of logistics TOO great for any one person to handle!

This coordinator will establish a team of parents to head each of these sub-categories:

  • Parent Recruiter- responsible for ensuring we have Volunteers fulfilling PICL Race duties (this needs to be addressed in advance and possibly on site)
  • Tent Tzar- will set up and tear down tents at the site (and make sure they are loaded into the appropriate vehicle for return home)
  • Pit Zone Operator- set up trainers and establish timeline of when riders need to report to them.
  • Director of SetUp- this is for the early arriver on race day. Role would scout out tent sites, establish best options for where food table, water coolers, team chairs, bike rack should be placed. Direct students on where to place their chairs, clothes, bags etc
  • Racer Wranglers (work in shifts)- establish and check in with riders on registration, race plates, gear, water bottles and warm ups. Check in and direct racers as to when they are to report to the start line
  • Food Monitor (work in shifts)- there are always two scenarios at the food table #1 someone eating way more than they should prior to racing #2 NO ONE eating anything...ever. YOUR JOB IS TO FIND A BALANCE!!!! (we will offer some guidance on what worked last year)